Competition & Member Critique Assigned Subject Descriptions

2020 – 2021 Season


Reflections – A photograph that creates viewer impact using reflections in a scene

Abandoned – A photograph that creates impact using abandoned objects, such as, buildings, cars, appliances, etc. as primary subjects

Black & White – A photograph that uses the strengths of blacks and whites rather than color to create impact with the viewer

Silhouettes – A photograph that creates viewer impact through the use of strong backlighting that leaves the main subject as a silhouette or in the shadows

Abstract – A photograph that captures beauty or drama in abstract compositions

Backyard Wildlife and Beyond – A photograph that focuses on capturing images of wildlife that is local and available without substantial travel. It will be judged on its success in capturing the beauty and actions of wildlife in their natural environment. Hand-of-man is allowed – e.g. part of a birdfeeder or a railing is fine.

Trains – A photograph that has trains or train parts as its main subject.

Open – The open category has no subject restrictions and can also be in the subject area of any of the assigned subjects.

Member Critiques

Story Telling Photographs – A photograph that focuses the viewer on a human drama, condition, or relationship. It is not limited to urban/street photography but can be sourced from any environment (local, domestic, international). It is not about capturing local color or the picturesque nature of travel scenes.

Artistic Photography – A photograph that is focused on creating a new and unique vision, one that may break “traditional rules” on composition, lighting, and form to achieve a dramatic effect.

Not What It Seems – A photograph that creates surprise and impact in the viewer using creative imaging elements and processing techniques.