Mentoring Program

MPC Mentoring  Program is a program to help some of you improve your photography. In addition, some of you can help other members improve their photography by being a mentor.   This is a one-on-one mentoring program. To be mentored, you must be a paid-up member.

For those getting mentored:

If you wish to improve your photography in general by increasing your composition skills, your technical shooting capabilities, learning all the features of your camera and enhancing your photo-editing prowess, the mentoring program may be you.  If there is a club member by whom you would like to mentored one-on-one, please let David Unger or Rick Kent know.  You may choose someone based on their photos that they enter in competitions, their talks or through other interactions.  We will contact the potential mentor and see if they are willing to be your mentor. If you do not have someone in mind to be your mentor but wish to be mentored, we will try to match you up with someone. Typically, we will choose someone as your mentor who is in our Salon or Advanced class.

For those mentoring:

Mentoring others is often a great way of improving your own photography.  Teaching a subject gives you greater insight into the subject.  We will let you know if someone asks to be mentored by you and, of course, it is your right to agree or not agree to do it.  In addition, if you are willing to be a mentor for someone who has not asked for someone specifically, please let Rick or me know.

Mentoring and being mentored is also a great way to meet new people!