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Sat Dec 9th, 10am – 12:30pm Workshop: Audobon Digital Photography Workshop IV: Composition. Led by Phil Witt and Jack Moskowitz. Cost: Members $12, non-members $25.  Workshop 4 will focus more heavily on digital editing. The workshop will cover the basic RAW conversion software and essential PhotoShop tools, such as levels, curves, the crop tool, and the clone stamp. The workshop will address how to clean up an image, simplifying the image and removing distractions. Participants are encouraged to bring their own images on flashdrives for editing demonstrations.

New Jersey Audubon Society Scherman-Hoffman Sanctuary, 11 Hardscrabble Road
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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Mar 3 – Mar 11, 2018 Shooting Opportunity: Phildelphia Flower Show. The Flower Show is a great place to take photos of your favorite flowers. Individuals are more than welcome to photograph the Show with hand held cameras for non-commercial use. Monopods and tripods are not permitted.

Pennsylvania Convention Center
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107