PSA Competitions’ Rules

  1. The subject matter for the images submitted is unrestricted or “open.”
  2. 10% receive Awards, 10% receive HMs (ribbons).
  3. You cannot resubmit an image that you previously submitted to PSA.
  4. A maximum of 6 images per club. Our club limit is one per member. And we vote for which 6 will represent our club.
  5. Members cannot submit images from two or more different clubs for a given  competition.
  6. PSA judging puts a strong emphasis on storytelling, though the photo still has to be technically excellent.  A better story may outweigh a technically better photo.  Also, set up photos, like hummingbirds shot with multiple flashes, may not do well.
  7.  Images must have a maximum size of 1400 pixels WIDE x 1050 pixels HIGH. These upper limits on BOTH sides apply for PSA. does not enforce both of these limits, you have to check it yourself.
    Color space must be sRGB.


For complete rules, go to: