MPC 2024 End-of-Year Salon Competition Rules and Guidance

  1. The competition is being judged by an out-of-state photography club.
  2. For this competition there are no class levels – all entrants are in the same level.  Salon does not refer to our Salon class.
  3. You can enter any photo except those that got awards in previous MPC end-of-year salon competitions.
  4. We encourage you to enter relatively recently taken photos, though there is no specific time requirement.  These are meant to be your recent best photos, in your opinion.
  5. Each participant can enter up to 2 photos in the Nature category and up to 2 photos in the Pictorial category.
  6. Entry is via our usual method of
  7. The size restriction is the usual 1600 pixels on the longest side,  JPEG file format and sRGB color space.
  8. Closing date for entries is  TBD.

Categories: Nature and Pictorial

Nature requirements: essentially the NJFCC nature requirements:

  1. The subject of the photograph must be nature.
  2. Human elements shall not be present except on the rare occasion where those elements enhance the nature story.
  3. The presence of scientific bands on wild animals is acceptable.
  4. Photographs of domesticated animals, mounted specimens and obviously set arrangements are not acceptable. Farm animals are considered to be domesticated. If an animal is an exotic pet or zoo animal, it must be taken in a natural setting – no bars, fences or man-made objects. Examples of exotic pets are chimpanzees, alligators, alpacas, etc.
  5. Cultivated and hybrid flowers and plants are acceptable.
  6. Any form of image manipulation that misrepresents the true situation or that alters the content of the image is not permitted. Minor cloning is permitted if the cloning operation is undetectable by the judge. A judge may disqualify any image in which he or she detects evidence of cloning or pasting.

Pictorial requirements: essentially like our club Open category:

The photographs can be of any subject. Any post-processing techniques are allowed, but the work must originate from one or more photographs.