Submission Process for Competitions

To enter competitions, you must be a paid-up member of the MPC club. And have a login to the PhotoContestPro site (  If you are a member and have forgotten your PhotoContestPro ID or password, email us at and we will give you the needed information.

For in-club competitions, please size your images to 1600 pixels on the long side for optimal display quality at the competition night. This can be done easily with Photoshop or Lightroom or other editing software. And this is the maximum allowed size. You may enter up to 2 photos maximum for each assigned subject category (unless otherwise noted in the Competition/Program Schedule and on and 2 photos maximum for the open category for each in-club competition. NOTE: You are limited to 3 photos for each in-club competition.

With regard to in-club (MPC) competitions, images that receive awards of Honorable Mention or Equal Merit (graded 8 or 9) MAY NOT be resubmitted into future MPC competitions, with the exception of the MPC Year-End Salon Competition. Any image not receiving an award in an MPC competition (graded 7 or less) may be resubmitted in future MPC competitions.

For NJFCC competitions, the maximum long-side pixel count is 1050 pixels. Please size accordingly. For NJFCC competitions, you may enter up to 2 photos per competition.  When there are multiple categories, such as for Nature competitions, you need to designate which category your photo belongs in and can still only enter up to 2 photos for the competition. Also, images submitted into NJFCC contests that receive Honorable Mention or Merit Awards MAY NOT be resubmitted into future NJFCC contests.

For PSA competitions, the maximum size is 1400 x 1050 pixels. Both limits must be adhered to.  Please size accordingly. For PSA competitions, you may enter only 1 photo per competition, with the club allowed to enter a maximum of 6. Also, images submitted into PSA contests that receive Honorable Mention or Merit Awards MAY NOT be resubmitted into future PSA contests.

To get your photos to the correct pixel dimensions, you can use Lightroom, Photoshop (classic or Elements),  and many other photo editing applications.  And, if you do not have any photo editing applications,  the simple Photos tool/app that is part of Windows 10 lets you change the size of photos by pixel dimensions.

We suggest adding a thin white border (or stroke) on the outside edge of your photo if you wish it to separate from the black background.

Resolution (pixels per inch) is irrelevant. 100 ppi is fine.
Set your color space to sRGB.
Save your image as a JPEG.

Once you have prepared your images, go to to upload your entries. Login and read the instructions for the competition. We still recommend using Method 2 to submit your photos. It is the most reliable in our opinion.  You must enter before the end of the submission day/date.