New Membership Application Form

                                 Application for New Membership
                                  Morris PhotoColor Club


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Morris PhotoColor can share the following with other club members on a password protected page on the club web site:
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                                  Membership Rates
Membership dues for 2019-20 are $50
Student fees are $20.00
Membership is required to participate in club competitions and covers the entire season year usually from September through June.  Competition nights usually include two (2) competitions: Open and an Assigned Subject.  All meetings start at 7:00 pm; please check the Schedule for the dates and check Directions for the meetings’ location. 
Please print the above application and fill it out or copy and import it into MS Word or Google Docs to prepare it on your PC. Please make your check payable to the Morris PhotoColor Club, or pay with cash, and bring the application and your dues to your next club meeting or mail to David Unger, Morris PhotoColor Club, 9 Buddy Lane, Morristown, NJ 07960