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Hot Exhibit

by Rick Berger, 3/6/2021

A few years ago a fellow photog asked me if I had been to the “Container Show”.  I told him that over the years I had attended a few trade shows, but never one dealing with packaging, adding that I had also gone a few times to the Container Store (which is a store where you buy boxes of nothing).  He looked at me quizzically then said, “No, I’m talking about the photography container show called Photoville.”  I asked him what a photo show has to do with containers.  He told me that the exhibit was held in giant shipping containers…the ones that carry cargo; the very same ones you see on those enormous ships in all the major ports.  Now why anyone would want to exhibit their images in a big stuffy metal box was beyond me, but I asked him what port I had to visit to see the show.  I soon learned that Photoville is held in New York City and that it consists of several shipping containers all housing photo exhibitions mounted on the interior walls of the containers.  What a novel idea!  It was September at the time and the show was already in progress so my wife and I picked a date to go.  I eagerly awaited the day we were to head into the city to catch a glimpse of my first container show.

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