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I Just Take Pictures

by Rick Berger

During the Vietnam War I served as a US Air Force photojournalist. My job was to document the wide range of activities related to the war.  My assignments were not, as you might imagine, always exciting and glamorous.  Explosions, destruction and other war-related happenings often resulted in interesting and sometimes devastating images.  However there were other photos I produced which were necessary to the mission, yet proved to be rather mundane and even boring. This was the case one evening…

After a really busy day, I crawled into my bunk savoring the the aroma of jet fuel gently wafting through the barracks.  To a civilian it might have been an assault to their senses, resembling what it smells like when you first turn on a gas powered leaf blower.  However to me and my fellow airmen it was the sweet smell of Air Force essential oils, sure to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

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